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It's FROZÉ season baby!

Okay, the sun in shining, the birds are chirping, but who cares because all you hear are your kids screaming and fighting over who gets to spill the bubbles and cry. Maybe you fancy huh, and you're having peeps over for a bbq and you wanna spice it up, I got chu!

I hate lots of reading, ain't nobody got time for that except on the toilet, so I took lots of pics but here is the run down:

1 bottle of Rose wine

2 handful of strawberries

1/2 cup of sugar

1 lemon

You'll need to prep this the day before or at the very least a few hours before you plan to drink it, so your wine is nice a frozen/slushy. I chose XOXO Rose, a really sweet cheap wine, this was from the BC Liquor store and was like $8, with a level 7 sweetness, you can find that on the tags in the store!

Pour your wine into a container to freeze it, make sure it has a large opening and you don't over fill it for room to slush up.

Next is the strawberry mix, you can pre prep this too and use when the Rose is frozen or just do it a little bit before you plan to drink. It's strawberry season here in BC and going to a

U-Pick is a great way to entertain the kids while saving a bit of money, and keeping the thoughts of Frozé dancing in your head as your kids bicker over who gets what strawberry will keep you sane. We headed out to Maan Farms, our favourite place for the kids to burn off energy, their U-Pick Strawberry Field starts June 1!

Wash and cut your strawberries, smaller the better as we're going to simmer them down in a pan so the least mashing you have to do the better but honestly I'm lazy and i just slice em and throw em in. You'll need your white sugar too, now this depends on how sweet you want it, I'm an all in kinda gal, and honestly I like this thing to taste like it came out of a 7-11 slurpee machine, so 1/2 Cup white sugar it is!

Basically this and your bottle of wine is all you need!

Throw your cut strawberries into a pan, juice both halves of your lemon into the pan, and add your sugar. Boil it down and let simmer until it looks like a fresh homemade jam, I mean this is essentially what this is... Pour it into a jar or container to cool off, you don't want to add hot strawberries to your cold Rose slush.

Your Rose is frozen, your strawberries are cool, its go time bitch! Don't even wait for 5 o'clock...

Add your cool strawberry mix to your frozen Rose in a blender, and blend away all your worries because your day is about to get a whole lot better!

Pour it and top it! A left over strawberry will do, but I love a fresh sprig of mint if you feel like being a fancy pants!

Now DRINK UP and enjoy this treat all summer long!

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