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Halen's Party Fowl

Well what else would you expect from my chicken obsessed girls!

Okay so I have to admit, this party and everything included was pretty much thrown together the afternoon we had it. The only planning we did was order cake and cookies from The Cake mama and save up our chicken eggs for about a week to make sure we had enough on hand. Yes, all the eggs on our table came straight from our chickens! Including the cake and cookies, because it had no eggs, vegan for the win!


I literally had nothing, no banner, no cute little chickens to put out... turns out we need throw a chicken party after February 15 when all the spring/Easter stuff comes out... oh well. So I grabbed a few of the tissue party puff things an figured I could just make it look like a fluffy chicken. Did it work? I think so! All i did was fluff up the tissues poufs and cut out a badly shaped chicken head and feet from yellow paper. THIS WAS A MAJOR WIN! I think they looked great and we're so freakin easy. The kids played with them for days after, and also went for recycling when I got sick of stepping on them.


The Cake Mama cake and cookies; I gave her free reign and she seriously killed it!

Mini powered donuts, cut in half with yellow M&M’s stuffed in the middle to resemble fried eggs

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Love Child Love Ducks

White cheddar popcorn

Yogurt covered pretzels

Devilled Eggs

  • 6 boiled hard eggs

  • Peel and slice in half carefully and remove yolk into bowl

  • Mix yolks, 1/4c of mayo, 1 tsp dijon mustard, 1 tsp white vinegar, pinch of salt and pepper, mix up with a fork and mash in bowl until smooth

  • Use a piping bag or a zip lock with the corner cut off will do, and fill your bag with your yolk mixture

  • Pipe your yolk mix into the bowls of the hard boiled egg whites

  • Sprinkle a little paprika on top to be fancy AF

Egg Salad Sandwiches

  • 6 boiled hard eggsPeel and mash up eggs in a bowl to desired consistency, (ours was like chunky peanut butter)

  • Add to your eggs 1/4c mayo, 2 tsp dijon mustard, pink of salt and pepper, pinch of garlic salt, 1/4c chopped green onion

  • Mix everything up into a bowl until your done with party planning and wonder why you’re even doing this as no one will eat them

  • Slap on your egg mixture onto the whitest bread you’ve ever seen, and cut the crust off if you have children that die at the sight of that slightly browned edge

  • Add a twig of lettuce so it looks like you care about vegetables

  • Cut in triangles, or don’t, one up the rest of us and use cookie cutters in a fancy shape

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