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Be My Valentine Puddin

I'm all about quick and easy snacks that aren't totally full of sugar to feed my kids, and honestly shit that isn’t $6 for a box of 5 granola bars they demolish is 5.2 seconds.

So, here it is, a day late because my kids were being little a-holes, and I couldn’t shoot it with them screaming in my ear :)

This takes about 20 mins total or make big batch for the week and take as need be, then its like 5 freakin seconds from jar to bowl.

You’ll need:

Chocolate milk - Almond, Coconut, Rice, what ever your little tum desires

Chia Seeds, see giant bulk bag for like $4

Thats it, but I’m extra and cause this is for the blog and I don’t have kids around right now… I topped with

marshmallows I dipped in beet juice for colour… byyyyyieeeeeee red dye number 40!

3 or 4 table spoons to 1c of liquid …you want less, figure it out yourself, or use more liquid for desired consistency.

Leave in the fridge for minimum 20mins, or overnight!

I made mine in a mason jar, use what ever your little heart desires but just cover it up in the fridge so it doesn’t get that half cut onion stank.

Dish it up and top with whatever will convince your kids to eat, in my case marshmallows… maybe yours eat to the tune of fruit or sprinkles, no judgement here!

I will add that depending on the milk you use, you may want to sweeten it a touch, I have mixed in a tea spoon of brown sugar from time to time.

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